Great Apes

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Great Ape Populations Are In Crisis

Great apes are more human that any other species, genetically, behaviorally and physiologically. They create strong familial bonds, work in cooperation, utilize tools and assign similar meanings to their gestures and body language. As a species, they are critical to the ecology of the tropical forests where they historically reside. Despite the national and international laws protecting Great Ape species, these primates continue to be hunted for their meat and body parts. Over the past few decades, 60 percent of gorillas have vanished, killed by disease and poachers. All great apes; gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and bonobos are Endangered or Critically Endangered and are facing a near universal decline.

  • Status

    Gorillas: Endangered and Critically Endangered
    Orangutans: Endangered Critically Endangered
    Bonobos: Endangered
    Chimpanzees: Endangered

  • Habitats

    Tropical Africa and Asia

  • Poaching

    Poached for bushmeat alongside rampant habitat destruction

Poaching Threatens Great Apes

Great Apes are being slaughtered for their bushmeat and traded for their parts in the rampant illegal wildlife trade that reaches from Africa and Asia to the shores of the United States. Recently in Oregon two men were arrested smuggling an orangutan skull and other animal parts into the state. Gorillas are Critically Endangered, and an explosion of commercial logging in gorilla habitats means that hunters are using the very same roads that are destroying gorilla homes to hunt them to extinction. Chimpanzees are being hunted to death for their meat and to become parts of traditional medicine. More awful, the illegal pet trade persists, especially for chimpanzees, who are captured as infants, their mothers and family members often killed during the abduction. It is critical that the United States set a precedent for strict wildlife trafficking laws to lead the way and protect Great Apes from disappearing forever.

States where we're fighting to protect Great Apes

  • KITV: Governor Ige signs ivory sales ban into law

    June 30, 2016


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