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Oregon ballot Measure 100 that protects 12 species from poaching, cruelty and the threat of extinction passed overwhelmingly with 70 percent of the statewide vote. Effective July 1, 2017, Measure 100 will ban intrastate sales of any product made from tigers, rhinos, elephants, lions, cheetahs, jaguars, leopards, pangolins, whales, marine turtles, sharks and rays. The law will not prohibit ownership of ivory or other products made from the covered animals — only sales.

In July 2016, Save Animals Oregon, a coalition of animal protection leaders including Save Animals Facing Extinction, filed over 150,000 Oregon voter signatures in support of the most expansive animal protection ballot measure in state history. The measure tracked a similar initiative in Washington State which Save Animals Facing Extinction championed and succeeded in passing. Measure 100 was supported by a broad coalition including the Oregon Zoo Foundation, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon Humane Society, Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon Society of Portland, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wild Aid, The Humane Society of the United States and others.

  • Bill Status

    150,000 signatures submitted to put Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act on the ballot November 8, 2016

  • Violations 2005-2015

    140 violations

About The Legislation

The Oregon ballot measure proposes to prohibit the purchase, sale, offer for sale, or possession with intention to sell any part or product from 12 types of animals. If Oregon voters approve this initiative petition, Oregon will have joined California, Hawaii and Washington in building an even stronger firewall on the West Coast to combat wildlife trafficking.

Species Covered

The Oregon Wildlife Tracking Prevention Act, which will likely be on the upcoming November 2016 ballot, will protect 12 types of animals: elephant, rhino, cheetah, tiger, sea turtle, lion, whale, shark, pangolin, jaguar, ray and leopard from being exploited in Oregon markets.


The ban does not include non-monetary transfers of ownership as a gift or inheritance as long as no commercial transaction is involved, antiques or fixed component of a musical instrument provided the total weight of the covered animal species part or product is less than 200 grams, possession by federally recognized Indian tribes.

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