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Majestic Rays Need Protection

Over the last decade, a spike in demand for the gills of rays is leading to massive decline in population. Populations have dropped by more than half in some areas, and the slaughter is continuing unabated, with ray gills fetching $500 per kilo in certain Asian markets.

  • Status


  • Population

    Exact number unknown

  • Habitats

    Oceans, reefs, shorelines

  • Poaching

    Spiking demand for gills as a luxury item and overfishing

A relative of the shark, rays are majestic and mysterious creatures known for their distinctive bat-like body shape and long slender tails. Found all over the world, rays can be divided into two distinct categories; oceanic (Giant) and reef, both are among the largest fish in the world.

Scientists know little about the behavior and lives of these elusive animals, but they possess the largest brain of all the world’s fishes and are thought to be very gentle in nature. We still have much to learn about their intelligence, curiosity and social interactions and structure, but if we don’t do something now to save these majestic animals we may not get that chance.

The sudden and recent overfishing of rays is creating a crisis. In some regions, populations have dropped as much as 80 percent during the last 75 years and globally the decline is thought to be around 30 percent overall. To make matters worse, their low birthrate and long growth and maturity cycle make them especially vulnerable to overfishing and exploitation.

Like sharks, rays need our help to survive. It’s time to strengthen our laws to stop the killing.

States where we're fighting to protect Rays

  • KLCC: Measure To Curb Endangered Animal Poaching On Oregon November Ballot

    August 8, 2016


  • Portland Tribune: Ballot measure would bar trade in parts from endangered and exotic species in Oregon

    July 7, 2016


  • KITV: Governor Ige signs ivory sales ban into law

    June 30, 2016


  • Washington Voters Overwhelmingly Approve New State Laws to Protect Endangered Species

    November 3, 2015

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