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Jaguars Could Soon Move From Near Threatened to Vulnerable

The incredible jaguar is the largest wild cat in the Western Hemisphere; they are a resilient species with a massive range. However, jaguars have disappeared from 40 percent of their historic range, and currently live across 18 countries in Mexico, Central America, and South America. According to the IUCN, the status of jaguars is currently in review, and if threats from poaching and habitat destruction continue, the species will likely be elevated Vulnerable in the near future.

  • Status

    Near Threatened

  • Population

    100,000 (estimate based on ranges)

  • Habitats

    6 million square km range across 18 range states from Mexico to Argentina

  • Poaching

    Habitat loss, poaching for skins and other products

Deforestation and Poaching Threaten Jaguars

Jaguars are not only threatened by deforestation, habitat loss, retaliatory killings and prey destruction, but they are also poached to fill the demand for their paws, teeth and furs. Having already disappeared from their ranges in the southwestern United States, we know that without action, jaguars will continue to decline.

States where we're fighting to protect Jaguars

  • KLCC: Measure To Curb Endangered Animal Poaching On Oregon November Ballot

    August 8, 2016


  • Portland Tribune: Ballot measure would bar trade in parts from endangered and exotic species in Oregon

    July 7, 2016


  • KITV: Governor Ige signs ivory sales ban into law

    June 30, 2016


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