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Tri-City Herald: Dr. Fred Koontz argues in favor of I-1401

Sunday, October 11, 2015

“With each passing day, some of our planet’s most rare and iconic animal species are being pushed closer to the brink of extinction. A South African rhino is poached for its horn every eight hours. An African elephant is killed for its ivory every 15 minutes. Poachers, acting on behalf of sophisticated international criminal networks, cruelly slaughter these animals for one purpose — to fuel a highly lucrative and destructive global black market trade in endangered species products, including sales taking place right here in Washington. To save rhinos and elephants and many other species we must stop illegal wildlife trade before it’s too late. That’s why Woodland Park Zoo and I strongly support voting YES on Initiative 1401. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is an organization firmly rooted within our community and state, but we have a global perspective on animal conservation. We know that the well-being of humankind is directly linked to the well-being of wildlife. And we listen when you tell us that you share our conservation value and that you want to take action to save animals facing extinction. Here’s your chance: supporting Initiative 1401 is an opportunity to make a local difference in a global challenge – a chance to do your part in preventing some of the world’s rarest animals from disappearing forever.”

You can read the whole thing here.

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Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace