Yes On I-1401 campaign gains momentum and gathers support with recent bipartisan endorsements of leading individuals and organizations

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Yes On I-1401 campaign is excited to announce additional endorsements, highlighting the broad, diverse and motivated coalition of those fighting to create new protections for 10 key animals facing extinction. In addition to the campaign’s growing list of supporters, these organizations contribute to the increasing momentum of the effort to pass I-1401 as we enter the final month of the campaign. Ballots will begin arriving next week ahead of Election Day on November 3.


Following on the announcement in September on earning the support of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Yes On-1401 campaign is today announcing the endorsements of the following civic leaders and organizations:


The diverse range of these latest endorsements support the broad, bi-partisan reach and coalition effort to pass Initiative 1401. In addition to leading national and international conservation organizations, Yes On 1401 is honored to have the support of local leaders in the business community and elected office holders.

“This November your vote could help save animals around the world from extinction,” said Washington State Representative Tana Senn. “I am endorsing Initiative 1401 because it doesn’t matter if you’re from Washington State, Kenya or China, we have a shared responsibility to ensure endangered animals don’t disappear forever. As the number of elephants, rhinos and other majestic creatures diminish from areas like the Tana River in Kenya, after which I am named, we must do all we can to stop the race toward extinction.”

“The demand for shark fin is driving several shark populations toward extinction,” said Taylor Hoang, Executive Director of the Ethnic Business Coalition. “As I am opposed to the cultural practice of consuming shark fin soup, I support the passing of Initiative 1401, which makes it illegal to sell or trade elephant ivory, shark fins and other animal parts derived from certain exotic, endangered creatures.” Hoang, who is also the owner of Pho Cyclo Café and Lavender Jade Catering, added, “Washington State can lead the way in showing the world that it is unacceptable to poach and traffic endangered species and their body parts. It is our responsibility to make a difference in protecting endangered animals.”

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Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace