Statement from the Campaign on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

Thursday, July 30, 2015

In response to the international outrage over the illegal killing of Zimbabwe’s famed black-maned lion, Cecil, the Yes on I-1401 campaign released the following from Jeff Flocken, Regional Director for North America, International Fund for Animal Welfare:

“The illegal killing of Cecil, a lion in Zimbabwe – as well as the continued slaughter of elephants in Africa – is a tragic reminder that we have a long way to go in the global fight against the poaching and exploitation of animals threatened with extinction. As has been widely reported, Cecil was illegally lured from a national park reserve, shot with arrows and then finally killed 40 hours later before being skinned and beheaded to serve as a trophy.

While this crime may feel like it was committed far away, the impacts are felt here at home: the United States is the second largest market for these kinds of products, and these markets drive the cruel poaching of species to extinction. We can actually do something this year in Washington State to discourage this terrible practice. While federal law unfortunately allows hunters to bring certain animal trophies (such as lions) from their hunts back into the United States, Initiative 1401 would ensure that such trophies could not sold or distributed within our state’s borders.

Washington State can lead the country in protecting endangered animals, including lions and elephants, by passing I-1401 this November.”

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