Yes on I-1401 Shines Spotlight on the “Extinction Economy”

Monday, August 24, 2015

Today, the Yes on I-1401 Save Animals Facing Extinction campaign launched “Extinction Economy”, a weeklong focus on those who profit from the poaching of endangered species and trade in products made from threatened animals. The size of the annual global marketplace for ivory alone has been estimated at $3 billion.

Throughout the week, Yes on I-1401 will highlight examples of those who profit from the Extinction Economy on social media and other channels, using the hashtag #ExtinctionEconomy. Stay tuned this week for graphics, current and historical details on this global problem with a local presence.

You can follow the Yes on I-1401 campaign and this week’s Extinction Economy updates at:

Facebook: Save Animals Facing Extinction

Twitter: @YesOn1401

Instagram: yeson1401

Examples that will be highlighted this week include the INTERPOL Purple Notice tracking system, ties between terrorist organizations and poaching profits and the local connection in Washington State to the Extinction Economy.

“Species all over the world are paying the price for the growing demands of a global economy,” said Andrew Wetzler, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s land and wildlife program. “Initiative 1401 sheds light on the everyday connection that Washington State has to the marketplace for products made from threatened and endangered species; and by successfully passing the initiative, we can help save the lives of thousands of magnificent animals.”

“While many Washington residents may think of poaching as a far-away problem, the Extinction Economy covers the entire planet,” said Yes on I-1401 spokesperson Aaron Pickus. “The Port of Seattle/Tacoma make-up the third most heavily trafficked container port in the United States and the United States is the second-largest market in the Extinction Economy after China. By passing Initiative 1401 and creating additional protections for 10 key species in our state, we can help lead the world in fighting those who profit from the Extinction Economy.”

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Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace