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Will you be a hero this November 3?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thank you for helping us celebrate the incredible heroes fighting to save animals facing extinction. All too often in our work, the challenge can feel daunting. We know we have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in our state. But the individual efforts of our champions need your help to make a big difference in Washington State on Election Day this November 3. Never before has the public had an opportunity to be a hero in the fight against the Extinction Economy by voting on a statewide ballot measure like Initiative 1401. That’s why we wanted to share just a few of the many heroes fighting to save these majestic creatures. From Mary Rice of the Environmental Investigation Agency to Dr. Sam Wasser, Director of the Center for Conservation Biology at the University of Washington, and Taylor Hoang, a great local community leader and Executive Director of the Ethnic Business Coalition, to Jennifer Hillman, Director of Outreach and Engagement for The Humane Society of the United States, we are honored to be in the fight to protect endangered species together. And we look forward to Washington voters voting Yes on I-1401 to be heroes in the fight to save these species.

Initiative 1401 will create new protections for animals like elephants, rhinos, sharks and lions. But Washington State will only be successful in the fight against the local marketplace for animal products traded in the global Extinction Economy if you are a hero, too. On behalf of all the heroes we celebrated this week and the millions around the world working together to save these animals, please vote for Initiative 1401 this November. Every academic study, every effort in the field, every new member of the coalition to fight poaching and every piece of adopted legislation makes a difference. But the greatest action possible in the fight to save animals facing extinction is for individual voters to weigh in and make their voices heard on Election Day.





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Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace