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  • October 6, 2015

    Huffington Post: Why I-1401 Will Make a Real Difference in the Race Against Extinction

  • September 17, 2015

    KUOW: NRA Fights Paul Allen’s Wildlife Trafficking Measure

  • September 16, 2015

    Huffington Post: Extinction or Survival? The Race Is On

  • August 27, 2015

    SeattlePI.Com: The NRA’s Olympia lobbyist defends ivory-handled guns, takes on ‘huge billionaire’ Paul Allen

  • August 24, 2015

    Yes on I-1401 Shines Spotlight on the “Extinction Economy”

  • August 12, 2015

    On World Elephant Day, Yes On I-1401 Campaign Events Give Washington Voters Chance to Fight Poachers

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Photo by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace